• Turin Turambar

    You can tell it’s not dead, anymore, because that giant erection went back down.

  • MKR

    who may be abel to defeat this burning danger ?!! Very cool phoenix :)

  • Benni

    Uh… What’s A chicken phoenix even CALLED?

    • http://steamcommunity.com/id/pwag42 Swagner


      • http://indirajartwork.com Hobotronic


    • ACSB

      i call it FRIED CHICKOOONE! while eatin’ watamelooone, drinkin’ mah grape soda and some koolaid, wearin’ mah MJ’s and listenin to rap music. XD

      • http://indirajartwork.com Hobotronic

        Dude, just drink grape kool aid >:(

        • ACSB

          No! I WANNA BE FREE TO DRINK GRAPE WATAMELOOONE kool aid :D (Seriosly, someone should invent that.)